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We started breeding our dogs due to my husbands allergy.  His best friend had a golden retriever that would make him flare up and have allergy attacks like crazy. 

Our first golden doodle boy made us so happy because my husband and kids had no reaction to him at all.  After that we decided that our breed specifically was the one for us and we have to promote and breed more.

Since then we've shared our babies with a select few who had the foresight to want an amazing hybrid breed.  Our friends and family love and enjoy these dogs and they are a part of our home as well as a culture that we celebrate and embrace.

We are doodle people.

If you'd like to enjoy or have your own doodle, contact us, we'd love to discuss with you.



John Ace

Clermont/Winter Garden


Phone: 321-460-7986


Phoebe: Another gorgeous poodle female that loves pizza and really enjoys being a lap dog, too. She's a standard and she's lovely.

Picturesque show dog that loves going to downtown Winter Garden and struting her stuff.

The day is not complete unless she gets a piece of pizza crust.

It's starts to become repetitive posting pictures of white female poodles that all look identical.


They all are loving and sweet with the exception of Zues and Aries who are males and are just so sweet and mild.  Zues does little stomps with his feet when he's excited, like someone told him he can't jump!  Aries eats frogs and lizards and is very bold and adventurous.  Loves to get face to face and give kisses.  Zues loves to be head on with head rubs.

Honey: A gorgeous poodle female that loves fetch and really enjoys belly rubs and still being a lap dog.  Nobody told her that she wasn't a baby puppy and little anymore!!  She's a standard and she's lovely.

Also a great mommy!

Zues: A stud male who has fathered beautiful puppies.  He enjoys milkbones and fetch.  He's 75 pounds and has curly tight hair and is a perfect goldendoodle.  He loves long walks, peeing on trees and is very tolerant of all dogs around him.  Nothing bothers "zuessy boy".

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